As individuals, we demand total responsibility from ourselves; as Associates, we support the responsibilities of others.

We choose to be different from those corporations where many levels of management dilute personal responsibility. All Associates are asked to take direct responsibility for results, to exercise initiative and judgment and to make decisions as required. By recruiting ethical people well suited to their jobs and trusting them, we ask Associates to be accountable for their own high standards.

The Importance of Associates

Our company is complex, with brands, businesses, and operations around the world. How could we continue to thrive if every decision were made centrally? For this reason, we give all Associates freedom to act with full responsibility for doing their assigned jobs. In return for accepting responsibility and delivering superior results, Associates receive respect and support, and are appropriately rewarded in line with their performance. We celebrate success and recognize the many Associates who make an extra effort. We also encourage Associates to develop the full measure of their abilities to enable them to take on more demanding jobs.

Teamwork and the Responsibilities of Units

Just as we Associates must be ready to share certain tasks, working together towards our common goals, units must work with each other to achieve broad corporate objectives. Although each is fully responsible for achieving its own mission, units and divisions are interdependent, and must be ready to respond to others. Because we rely on one another, we must actively communicate our objectives, plans, activities and needs, and resolve differences equitably.

The Responsibilities and Rewards of Our Association

The principle of Responsibility applies to every level within Mars, from the Associate’s obligation to maintain the highest standards of honesty and integrity to the company’s ethical responsibility to its communities and the environment. Because we value and recognize each other’s contributions, we treat all Associates fairly and equitably, avoid divisive privileges and disapprove of disrespectful behavior of any kind. This is the source of the word “Associate” and of the egalitarian spirit at Mars, which is our policy and practice regardless of age, gender, race or religious belief. As such we must have the courage to call attention to those Associates not behaving according to our values. We believe that if what we say and what we do are consistent with our principles, we will achieve the results we seek.

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