Our brilliant engineers drive how we produce and deliver the products you love. They are a key part of our supply function, which also includes logistics and manufacturing. Supply's mission starts with the customer and works backwards. Their dream is to consistently produce and reliably deliver the best possible products to our consumers worldwide.

As a Mars engineer, you could be expected to take personal ownership for managing equipment design, logistics, workforce deployment, management and more. Whether you are delivering rigorous and uncompromising quality control, determining competitive conversion costs or investigating variability of natural raw materials, we can promise you’ll play a key role in creating and sharing Mars products — and be engaged and challenged every step of the way.

Our engineers work in a fast-paced environment, and the challenges for managing Mars’ growth are enormous. We have around 20,000 Associates working hard in our global supply network, providing the highest-quality products so we can meet customer demands for nutrition, taste, appearance, convenience and cost.


Supply is divided into four key areas:

  1. Operations is the actual management of our production processes.
  2. Engineering is the backbone of our technology. It provides the supply function with designs for the cutting-edge equipment that gives us significant technological competitive advantages.
  3. Industrial engineering is the ‘compass’ within supply that enables us to drive for continual improvement.
  4. Supply chain and logistics is the mechanism that pulls everything together, helping us bring raw materials in and send our finished products out.


Because there’s so much to do, the technical skills for our Supply team are wide and varied. Specific technical skills and experience in the sciences (both physical and chemical), as well as skills in engineering and managerial science, all have their place.

No matter what skills you have, we always want you to achieve more. That’s why we encourage career development and education for all Associates through Mars University.


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