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01. What are the entry requirements for the scheme?
For all of our programmes, you’ll need a minimum of a 2:1 classification in your university degree. If you’re applying from outside of the UK, we’ll need to check whether your grades convert to our minimum requirements. We’ll let you know either way.

02. Do I need a driving licence?
Yes – a lot of our roles mean travelling between sites and visiting various supplier so you will need to have a full valid EU driving license or local driving license relevant to the country you are applying for.

03. Do you accept international applicants? If so, do you provide sponsorship for work permits or visas?
If you’re from an EU country then you won’t need a work permit or visa. Unfortunately we are unable to accept applications from those who do not already have a right to work in the UK.

04. How many roles are you recruiting for?
Every year we recruit around 30 Graduates.

05. Can I apply for more than one scheme?
You can only apply for one of our programmes so you’ll need to look at them carefully and decide which of them is the best fit for you.

06. How can I apply for work experience or an internship?
We offer internships in France, Germany, Poland and the Netherlands. Please check the relevant country websites for more information.

07. When can I apply?
Our graduate programmes are now open for applications! Please click here to apply. We close at the end of December (although this deadline might be moved forward if we have enough strong applications before then –so the earlier you can make your application the better). Our apprenticeship programmes open for applications at the end of November 2018 and close at the end of January 2019

08. If I’m unsuccessful, can I apply again?
You’re very welcome to apply again but you’ll need to wait until we start recruiting for the following year’s intake. Try to think about the skills we’re looking for and how you might be able to develop or strengthen those skills in the meantime.

09. How long will it take me to apply for a position?
From receiving your application through to making an offer, the entire process will take around 60 days.

11. I am having technical issues with my application, who can I contact?
If you send an email to enquiry@mars.ambertrack.co.uk one of our team will be able to help you out.

12. How do I return to the Mars online application form?
Just Click here

13. How will I know that you’ve received my application?
You’ll receive an email from our resourcing team to let you know that we’ve received your application. Be sure to check your junk email in case our acknowledgment email has been sent there.

14. I thought I’d submitted my application, but haven’t heard from you. What’s happened?
First of all, make sure you’ve created a profile and submitted your application from that profile (creating a profile alone isn’t enough). Then check your junk mail as emails can sometimes end up there. If you’re still having trouble, contact enquiry@mars.ambertrack.co.uk and we’ll be able to help.

15. Does Mars reimburse travel expenses? If I’ve lost my expense form, what should I do?
Yes we do up to a maximum limit of £75 – and if you need us to issue a new expenses form, just get in touch with marsearlytalenteu@effem.com and one of our resourcing team will help you. You’ll need to email submit copies of your receipts, so make sure you hold on to them. We recommend you take photocopies of the receipts before sending us the originals.

16. How can I prepare for the interview?
You can get lots of information and guidance in our How to Apply section.

17. What does the assessment centre consist of? How long does it last? When will I find out the outcome?
You can get lots of information and guidance in our How to Apply section.

18. When will I start work with Mars if successful?
If you’re joining us as a graduate, you’ll be starting on 2nd of September 2019. As an apprentice you’ll be starting in September 2019.

19. Can I defer for a year?
You can’t defer entry, but we do recruit graduates each year. This is through our graduate programmes and through direct entry, so you can always apply the following year, or once you’re back from your round-the-world travels, for example.

20. How much will I be paid?

The starting salary is £32,000 plus a £2,000 signing on bonus. Individual performance-related pay increases are made at the end of each placement. A company performance bonus is received annually as a one-off payment.

21. Do you provide relocation assistance?
We provide a £2,000 signing on bonus for new graduates, which is designed to help with your transition and moving costs. You can spend it on whatever you like though. This will be paid in your second week after joining by bank transfer and is grossed up for tax purposes – so you will receive the full £2000!

22. What are the average working hours as a graduate on the Mars programmes?
All our graduate roles are full time positions. This means that your average working week should be 37.5 hours. No one day is the same and work life balance is key for us here at Mars. You’ll have peaks and troughs in your workload, and it’s really up to you to manage your day. What’s key is that you deliver in your role – and you should always shout up if you have too much or too little work.

23. How do I rotate between roles on the graduate programmes? Can I choose what location I go to?
Flexibility is key on our programmes. Both from you and us. We’ll always support you to achieve your goals, and in return we expect you to have flexibility in the location(s) in which you’ll be based. Each programme has a key internal contact who will work with you during your placements to map out the next logical step. It’s always an individual conversation. Because you will have individual aspirations. The key message is that it will always be a two way conversation.

24. Will I have a permanent role at the end of the programme?
We plan for our graduates to sign off after their programme and move into a new permanent role. After that, where you go next will largely be driven by you. Throughout your time on the graduate programme you will have reviews discuss your development, progress and next steps for you and will receive support from your line managers and mentors throughout the scheme.

25. Will I be offered the opportunity to work abroad as part of the graduate programme?
This depends on the programme you join – some of them include a European placement – and on the nature of your role. Either way, once you’ve finished your programme you’ll find there are all sorts of opportunities to work internationally. More than ever, our graduates are finding opportunities to work abroad with us when their programme comes to a close.

26. Are there any sports teams I can join at Mars?
Sports and social activities are the norm at Mars. And not just for graduates and students. Our entire associate population regularly gets involved in all sorts of activities – from after work football/rounders, charity fairs, volunteering and running clubs. Anything goes – as long as you can find some other people willing to join you!

27. I've completed an internship or placement year – do I get fast tracked on to the graduate programme?
This is a very real possibility – and really important to us at Mars. We will talk to you about your options during your time with us and we will work with you and your line manager to make sure we find the right route for you. If you choose to apply for one of our graduate programmes, we will organise an assessment for you before the end of your placement but you already have a great head start. Why? Because working for us for a sustained period of time and doing well says a lot.

27. ‘Where will I be based’?
As a graduate on one of our programmes, you’ll be likely to spend time and focus on one of the below UK locations. We’ve given you an overview of them so you can understood more of each of them and their unique benefits!

Leeds (Birstall)
Only 10 minutes outside of Leeds city centre, our Birstall location gives you the perfect balance between vibrant city living and access to the tranquil Peak District and Yorkshire Dales. The site is situated next to a retail park which comes in handy if you fancy eating out at lunch or doing a spot of shopping. A state of the art factory with a modern refurbished office and a friendly, fun and dynamic environment makes Birstall a really great place to work. This is the European hub for our Petcare Care & Treats business.

Based in the heart of Devon, Plymouth appeals to a wide variety of people. The Wrigley factory offers stunning views of Dartmoor, a fantastic national park to the East where herds of deer are a common site for associates. If you like the outdoors, whether its mountain biking on the moors or surfing the Cornish coast, there are plenty of opportunities for associates to get involved. If you enjoy the finer things in life, Plymouth has a great selection of restaurants and bars right on the water front.

Conveniently located on the M4 and just 20 minutes on the train to London Paddington, this is where it all began for Mars Chocolate in the UK back in 1932. Our biggest UK site (both the factory and office at the same location), you’ll get a real breadth of opportunities here. It is only a 5 minute train journey from the delights of Windsor and Eton and with easy access to the South coast. With lots of free chocolate on site, be sure not to over-indulge!

Waltham on the Wolds and Melton Mowbray
Set in the idyllic Leicestershire countryside, our Waltham campus allows you to work in a relaxed and peaceful environment – yet being only a short drive from the big student cities of Nottingham and Leicester. This is the UK Petcare and Food Headquarters, so you’re at the heart of the action. Just 10 minutes down the road from Waltham is our Petcare Factory in the quaint town of Melton Mowbray – home of the world famous Pork Pie. Best thing about both these locations – you can bring your dog to work!

Castle Cary (Somerset)
Based in Somerset and South of Bath, the location of this site is in the English countryside but not far from vibrant city life (Bristol is also not too far away). This site houses another of our Petcare factories, as well as two of our Petcare brands. Dogs in the office add to the friendly and informal office environment that exists. If you’re keen to explore the local tourist attractions Stonehenge isn’t too far away – there’s also a direct train to London if you want to go further afield!

Kings Lynn
Based in Norfolk, this Food site isn’t far away from Norwich and some of our world famous brands including Uncle Ben’s rice and Dolmio pasta sauces are produced here. Upgraded less than three years ago with an onsite gym, the office is a great place to come and work. A lot of new product development happens here making it an exciting segment to be a part of. Some of the UK’s most beautiful beaches are also very close by if you fancy a trip to the coast.


Applies to Graduate Programmes only.

Making Your Application Mean More
First things first, you can only apply to one of our programmes so you’ll need to have a think about which one is right for you. Of course, at the end of your programme, where you go next will be wide open but it’s important that you get off to a great start with us. That means deciding which programme is going to be the best fit – and whether you’re interested in a specialist path or a generalist one. Secondly, no matter what the deadline, we’ll close the programme earlier if we find enough of the right people. So the sooner you apply, the better!
If you’ve found a programme that you’re really interested in, you’re in the right place to start making your application. For those programmes that offer multiple location choices, be sure to take a look at our FAQs page which will highlight a bit more about each location and their unique benefits. Before you do that, here’s a bit of information about how everything works. Before you can make an application you must register and create a profile online.

Stage 1:
So you’ve decided on a route, you’ve created a profile and you have registered your details. It’s time to commence your Mars journey. Once you click ‘Apply Now’ you will have to start demonstrating your skills and what it is that makes you want to become an associate at Mars. This stage will include three competency based questions which will enable you to show us that you have the kind of skills we’re looking for. Be ready to tell us why you want to work for us, and let us know about the activities you’re involved in outside of your studies. You’ll need to do all of this in one go, so make sure you have your CV (and anything else that might help you) to hand.

Stage 2:
Next up is an online psychometric test that will look to assess your numerical or logical reasoning skills. You’ll be benchmarked against other graduates. Try going online to complete practice tests before you start.

Stage 3:
You’ve caught our eye… At this point we want to understand you a bit more, challenge you and throw you into the Mars environment. At the “first round” assessment, you’ll be invited to a digital interview where you’ll be asked a series of questions and asked to record your answers – don’t worry, you will have a few minutes to think about the question before you answer. You can also do this in your own time.
For your interview, think about the experiences you’ve had to date and the skills these have given you. On a general point, please be yourself. We see lots of candidates and can soon tell if you’re not being natural! Be honest, genuine and don’t tell us something because you think we want to hear it!

Stage 4:
You’ll then be invited to a Skype interview with one of our Mars line managers to find out a little more about you, and the functional skills that you could bring to Mars.

Stage 5:
Great news – you have reached the final round assessment centre! During the day you will need to complete a number of practical exercises. This could include a group exercise, case study or presentation in addition to an interview with senior Mars leaders.

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