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Victoria Cane - European Finance Development Programme

What do you do at Mars and what were you doing before?

After studying Philosophy & Spanish at University, I spent a year working at an Asset Management firm where I first discovered I wanted to pursue a career in Finance.  Whilst it was a great learning experience, I soon realised that I wanted to do something where I felt closer to the end consumer rather than an institution – the Mars European Finance Development Program sounded perfect, and luckily I was accepted!

What’s the best part of the Program?

I’m now going into my third year on to the graduate scheme and would say the best part is being actively encouraged to go abroad. I have just returned from a year working in our Petcare site in Verden, Germany, which was a great experience both professionally and personally. To make the move easier Mars provided thirty hours of private tuition in the local language, which I saw as a great opportunity to increase my skill set. They’ve also been really supportive of my studies for the CIMA Professional Qualification, and it’s been great to apply what I learn directly to what I’m doing at work.

What does a typical day look like to you?

Working in finance there is a nice mix of structure and ad hoc tasks. Most days will involve analysing the financial outlook for the both the short and long-term, and assessing potential opportunities and risks to the business. I often have meetings with key stakeholders both in my Business Unit and the wider Mars network - working in Finance we have close links with a number of other sites in the region, particularly with Poland, where our Shared Service Centre is based.

What’s the best thing about working at Mars?

Other than the opportunity to travel it has to be the level of trust. We are given a lot of responsibility and have some big budgets to take care of but at the same time you’re never alone – there’s always support on hand to help you as you develop.

How important are the Five Principles at Mars?

Having travelled around Europe with Mars, and working in four different segments, I can honestly say that it is the same company everywhere in terms of how we do business, and a lot of that is down to The Five Principles. They are at the heart of the decisions we make and at the root of what we do. They’re always considered when we make decisions – we make every effort to make decisions which are in the benefit of all parties involved. I think it’s great that Mars is so principled across all levels of the business - it’s one of the main things we offer as an employer and sets us apart from competitors.

What’s your favourite Mars brand?

Tough one! I’d have to say Skittles.

If you were a Mars product which one would you be?

One of our great M&Ms characters, Miss Brown.

Do you have a personal Mars motto?

It’s not mine, but the motto ‘Better Together’ helps guide a lot of what I do. 

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