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Will Page - Engineering Development Programme

What’s the best thing about the Engineering Development Program (EDP)?

There are not many graduates who can say that they were in charge of a £400,000 budget within their first two years of work and that’s really what’s so great about the EDP at Mars – the significant level of trust and responsibility that is afforded to you from the very beginning of your career. At Mars I know in the future I will have many opportunities to build on this experience and manage projects with bigger budgets and more responsibility. 

Tell is about your time on the EDP:

The EDP is a two-year programme and the budget in question was for a project to change the pack sizes of Milky Ways® that I worked on during my packaging engineering rotation. It was challenging but hugely rewarding. I was project manager and had an integral role in liaising with a range of teams and stakeholders and there was an immense sense of pride and satisfaction seeing something that I had worked for so long prove to be successful.

What does a typical day look like to you?

Usually I will be running on two or three projects at the same time which can be tough but also gives your routine variety and allows you absorb knowledge from different work streams at the same time. Every day is different but most involve project planning, placing orders, evaluating designs and managing installations.

What’s the best thing about working at Mars?

There are so many other great things about working at Mars. It invests a lot of time and effort into your development which really helps you achieve your goals. The Personal Development Plan (PDP) ensures that throughout your time at Mars you are constantly supported to better yourself professionally. The PDP has really helped with the transition of theoretical knowledge from my degree into practical skills in the workplace.

Why do you think people stay at Mars for so long?

This structure of the PDP helps your career development by always giving you new goals and targets and means managers are able to trust you more and more and start to give you bigger projects and greater experience. This investment in Associates is probably why people tend to stay at Mars for a long time.

It’s not all work though - Mars also provides me with a great work life balance where hours can be flexible. I have time to spend in the on-site gym which helps balance out snacking on the almost unlimited supply of chocolate!

How important are Mars’ Five Principles to the working culture at Mars?

A lot of companies talk about having principles but at Mars the Five Principles are actively considered. We don’t always make supplier decisions on price but on whether the deal itself is of mutual benefit to everyone. In meetings you can see senior colleagues actively encouraging people to consider the Five Principles in the workplace. I think it’s great to be part of an organisation that has these values and lives by them.

What do people say when you say you work at Mars?

When I tell people I work at Mars Chocolate I get a great response. People are enthusiastic and interested to hear about what I do. It’s interesting to them because chocolate is something everyone knows, especially the iconic brands in the Mars family.

What's your favourite Mars brand?


If you were a Mars product which one would you be?

Maltesers – delicious centre coated in smooth chocolate and everybody wants me!

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