Benefits of Working for Mars
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Your starting salary will be £32,000 and comes with a £2,000 joining bonus. From there, you can expect your salary to go up and up as you take on more and more responsibility and make an even bigger contribution to our success. On top of that, you’ll have the chance to earn a company bonus of between 6% and 12% as you move through your scheme. And we have a wide range of benefits designed to make your life easier too.


In terms of your holiday, you’ll start with 24 days (rising to up to 32 days with service) plus you’ll get the eight public and bank holidays on top (with Christmas Eve thrown in for good measure). You can also request up to 13 weeks’ unpaid leave in any 12-month period, and after three years, you can take unpaid sabbatical leave for between 14 and 52 weeks. Every associate can request flexible working.


We offer corporate gym memberships (and exercise classes at the Slough site). We also have a health and wellbeing programme – Lifeworks – which offers things like legal advice and free on-site medical checks and health services. Our private medical insurance has no criteria about what can and can’t be treated and our sickness benefit is 104 weeks’ paid leave at 90% pay. When it comes to the social side of things, our Slough Social Club runs all sorts of events like sports tournaments, pub quizzes and theatre trips.


We have our own company pension scheme – you’ll pay in 6% of your salary and we’ll pay in 9%. You’ll get life insurance to the value of three times your salary, and for maternity, you’ll be able to take up to a year off with six months at 90% pay, three months statutory pay and three months unpaid. Paternity leave is up to two weeks at full pay and we also offer parental leave – you’ll be able to take up to 13 weeks’ in total per child, up to his or her fifth birthday, and four weeks per 12 month period beyond that. Wherever you join us, the benefits we’ve designed are there to suit you. We ask a lot of our associates and challenge you from the word go. In return Mars gives you a salary and benefits package that reflects the large amount of trust we put in you.


Your time here should be something you enjoy. Really enjoy. But at the same time it should stretch you and challenge you, every day. That’s the only way any of us really grows. And the best way to go on to reach our full potential. To help you take each of those challenges in your stride, we take your learning and development seriously. Very seriously. And not just because it’s good for you but because it makes good business sense for us to have people performing at the top of their game.


Now we know that most of the best learning happens every day, with people pushing themselves to find innovative ways of working and trying out things that have never been thought of before. And our 70/20/10 model of learning not only recognises that, it puts in place the structures to make it happen. You see, we believe that 70% of your learning comes from giving you the opportunity to try things out for yourself, even if it means taking a few risks. 20% you’ll learn from the great people on your side as mentors. And the final 10% is what you gain from leading-edge classes and courses, designed by our own experts as well as leading external institutions, such as Harvard University. And that’s not all.


We work with our associates to fully understand their long-term career goals and make sure we’re providing the kind of support they need to achieve them. So everyone here, and we mean everyone, has a Personal Development Plan. It sets out goals, opens up conversations about progression and is the trigger for salary reviews. Based on our leading-edge competency model, developed in partnership with Lominger®, it spans functional areas and gives all our 75,000 associates a common language to talk development.


But the support we provide doesn’t stop there. It includes mentoring and coaching, opportunities to rub shoulders with some of the best and the brightest people in business and to learn from some of the world’s best educational leaders, as well as a full suite of development programs provided at our very own Wrigley Leadership Academy and award-winning Mars University. No wonder one UK newspaper described our graduate scheme as a better bet for an ambitious youngster than Harvard, Insead or London Business School.


We think it’s important that you can enjoy as many different experiences as possible, so you’ll have the opportunity to get involved in our cross-scheme and cross-year networking initiatives (we’ll make sure you have time off from your day job to fit everything in). You’ll also have the chance to go back to your university to promote our programmes and help us recruit new students and graduates. And you’ll have 10 days a year to get involved in non-placement-based work. For example, our graduates take part in developing and improving our graduate induction for other future graduate associates. As they have the experience of going through the induction themselves, who better to create a great experience than our current graduates. Others have gone back to their old university on behalf of Mars and acted as alumni campus ambassadors to share the message about the benefits of working at Mars. But this work can span a multitude of different options.

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