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When it comes to your development, we truly believe that the sky’s the limit. So it’s up to you to set your goals as high as you can, and our very own Mars University will help you get there and make it mean more.

So where is this University? Well, everywhere Mars is. Mars U — as we like to call it — is not a building, or even a physical place. It’s a global team comprised of Associates who build resources to help you learn more about everything we do. Through training courses, e-learning modules, a library, research center and more, there’s never an end to learning.

Whether its marketing, engineering, management, engagement or learning in general, we can satisfy your curiosity. Think of it as a business school, just more flexible, tailored to you and guided by The Five Principles.

Learning occurs both inside the classroom and out. That’s why our 70/20/10 learning model advocates for a healthy mixture of classroom, mentorship and real-world learning. Under our model, only 10 percent of learning comes from courses and trainings. Another 20 percent comes from great mentors, and the remaining 70 percent is from having an opportunity to put what you have learned into practice. So, Mars U is more than a course completed and another certificate earned. It’s a fully integrated learning experience.


As a Mars Associate, you’ll love the fact that learning never stops. And we’re not the only ones who agree. The Corporate University Exchange has repeatedly credited us for a Best Corporate University Launch (2006), Excellence in Business Alignment (2006, 2007, 2010) and Excellence in Leadership (2010), just to name a few. The Gallup organization agrees, awarding us with  The Great Workplace Award for the last six years.


We want you to have the best. That’s why Mars University equips our Associates with the tools to learn and grow as leaders within our company. We are proud of the many success stories that have come out of our development programs.

Meet a few of these successful Associates. »

What is Mars U? Think of it as business school for any career track, and it’s all guided by The Five Principles.

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