Marketing Principles
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Marketing Principles


Mars has many well-known brands that are loved by people around the world. We take this opportunity and responsibility seriously and implement measures to ensure our brands are not used in ways that have a negative effect on society or the environment. This involves being responsible in our marketing, providing clear information and promoting appropriate use of our products and services.

Our Marketing Code spells out the core principles behind our commitments to be responsible marketers with all of our brands. We also use our brands to encourage people to contribute to good causes, amplifying the positive impact our products and services can make.


Our brands communicate and interact with hundreds of millions of people just like you, every year. This gives us a great platform to speak directly to the people we care about and ask them to join us in making a difference for people and the planet. Many of our brands are already hard at work, and with your help we hope to keep growing our efforts.

We label our products clearly, represent products and services fairly and communicate honestly with you. We’re happy to say we’re playing a leading role in building industry coalitions and making (and keeping) pledges to the public.

This is a challenging task, but we love doing it. Numerous pieces of research have shown that people are interested in brands that do good, yet those people’s buying behavior rarely reflects these attitudes. This means many cause-marketing campaigns are short lived, and we want to help this change.

The first step is to better understand how marketing can increase brand revenue while raising awareness of good causes. This will help us to make sustained and sizeable investments in initiatives that make a positive difference. Our term for this is “Doing-Good Marketing,” and we aim for it to be as effective as, or more effective than, our existing marketing activity in promoting our brands.


Though we’ve been running great campaigns for years, our journey is in its early stages. We have conducted detailed research into successful models and established pilot programs involving a number of our global brands in several key markets.

With a long-term view based on great data, we think we can do it. The result will be a performance-oriented strategy that ensures the lasting and scalable growth of our brands, as well as support for sustainable activities and causes that bring to life The Five Principles and create a mutuality of benefits for all of our stakeholders.


Doing good doesn’t have to mean making less. Our ultimate aim is for the majority of Mars brands to have Doing-Good Marketing programs that are at least as commercially effective as our more traditional marketing activities.

In return, we ask people to use our products responsibly. Part of what we love about these campaigns is that they can help make sure that our products aren’t used in ways that could negatively impact people or the planet. We focus on the areas that are most significant to our business: responsible product disposal, pet ownership and snacking.

We are using our brands to stimulate consumer preference for products that make a positive difference to people and the planet.

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