Thank You Pets
Thank you pets

What is our Thank You Pets campaign?

It’s hard to ignore the growing evidence highlighting the positive impact pets have on our mental and physical health, with recent studies proving they are much more than a man’s best friend. From helping people feel happy and less lonely, to giving people purpose and a reason to exercise – there are no limits to the benefits and joy that pets bring into our lives every single day. We have so much to thank our pets for. And that’s why we want to give something back.

To every fluffy, furry, four-legged, floppy-eared, bushy-tailed, shiny-nosed one of you.

Thank you.

For making the world happier. For your excited greetings when we get home (even when you slobber / scratch / squeak). For putting up with our indecipherable baby talk.

For being a conversation starter. And a bad mood ender. For being there when we hear noises at night. For kindly waking us with a wet nose at 5am. For making our toes and our lives warmer.  

For being a wonderful excuse to leave that awkward party. For reminding us to play. To live. To get off our screens. (While getting us loads of Likes on Instagram.) For chasing away the pigeons and our blues.

For not judging when we’re midnight snacking; wearing our comfy joggers; or trying to sing. For watching the TV shows with us, that nobody else will. For being a cuddly shoulder to lean on. For not flying the nest, when everyone else has.

For keeping us fighting fit, even when we’re getting on a bit. For your super senses that can sniff out lost slippers (and crisp packets at 1000m). For pulling us up the hill. And never letting us down.

Pets of the UK, there’s so much to thank you for.  Because a life lived with you can delight us, calm us, and sometimes even save us.

It’s why we’ve written this letter. (Yes, even though you can’t read.) And it’s why we’re trying our best to break down the barriers to pet ownership.

We won’t stop until every last one of you has a home that lets you love and be loved.

So when was the last time you thanked your pet?


Celebrating the benefits of pet ownership

We see first-hand the positive effects that pets can have on people’s lives across the UK. As well as promoting a more social, active lifestyle, there’s evidence that animals can help reduce depression and anxiety, and even reduce feelings of loneliness and social isolation. However, it’s not always easy, with a number of barriers stopping people from enjoying the company, love, loyalty of a pet.

Celebrating the benefits of pet ownership

Our Mission

We believe everyone deserves the right to enjoy the benefits that pets bring to our lives. That’s why our mission is to break down the barriers to pet ownership, and here are some of the ways we have been doing so.

Better Cities for Pets

Better Cities for Pets

It’s gone beyond the notion that pets break down social barriers and it’s now believed that pets are the glue that hold communities together. But, owners are often facing challenges – from being forced to choose between a pet and a place to live. Or skipping healthy exercise because there’s no ‘pet-friendly’ green spaces.  The Better Cities For Pets™ program is working with multiple government, NGOs and city organizations around the world to change that and make cities a happier and healthier place for animal lovers.


It’s not just older adults that suffer from loneliness, according to the British Red Cross, 9 million people in the UK of all ages are either always or often lonely. We believe we have a solution. Working in line with the UK government’s Loneliness Strategy and based on our research, we’re looking to tackle this nationwide issue by bringing more people and pets together – because fewer lonely pets, means fewer lonely people.

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