Mars Sustainability Plan


At Mars, we care about making the world a better place — from our Sustainable in a Generation campaign to our innovative agricultural research — because it just makes sense. We strive to be mutual and promise to do business in ways that are good for Mars, good for people and good for the planet. To make sure we get there, we use the best people and science to plan and measure our initiatives, working hard to solve problems together every step of the way.


We need to protect the earth so that there are fewer impacts for the people that live on it. To do so, we focus our efforts using the “Planetary Boundaries” analysis, which lays out nine environmental impacts that could potentially lead to profound and irreversible damage to our planet. With the Planetary Boundaries as our guide, we use internal information and public, accepted data to figure out the three broad areas in which we can make the biggest difference. Come learn more about them below.

See how our three areas of impact fit with the Planetary Boundaries model.

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